Excellens Products Inc.

is located in Port Moody BC Canada and started its activities in 2014.  The owners and management team combine extensive international trade and sourcing involvement with more than 25 years of experience in the concrete industry in Canada & USA, mainly with concrete/cement additives and added-value products for concrete.

Excellens Products supplies specialty products and systems for concrete and construction applications. Some products and systems are exclusive brands like Silicem® and Aggregated Systems®.  We source our products from Canada, Asia and USA.  They are all added-value products often unavailable in Canada. We deal directly with the manufacturers and have set up hubs in Vancouver BC, Calgary AB and soon in Montreal QC.

Our main lines of products & systems are:


-          Pozzolans: silica fume Silicem® and metakaolin

-          Specialty aggregates: for refractory products, abrasives, etc.

-          Aggregated Systems®: Our own systems for flooring/ traffic deck overlay systems and road/pavement markings

Our Goal and Values:

are to provide high quality, durable, and performing products and systems directly from the manufacturers to the customers and end-users at a competitive price.  These products and systems should improve the performance, the durability and/or the protection of concrete and structures made with it !